I think the thing that shakes us up when the “big” people leave their bodies is that after they’ve gone, we collectively grieve believing that there is a place missing that can never be filled again; that we can’t do for others what these people did

So we talk about how great they were; what we miss about them

Then we want to know who could take their place

Then we talk about how great we aren’t; why we can’t

Then we forget them as we forget our own inaction 

Wouldn’t it be cool if every time someone (famous or not) died, we honored them most deeply by keeping alive the gifts they gave? No flowers or 14 karat caskets, just Love

I think I’m going to pay all future tributes in this way:

If I have ever loved you or been touched by you, I will honor you (while you’re here and after death) by loving others in the way you loved and honored me, with you as my model and mentor

I have this theory that we have to watch others die all the time to ensure that we are constantly aware of our mortality and our responsibility to share the gifts we have been given with others NOW. Not tomorrow. Not in 15 minutes. Now. It’d be cool if we got to a point where another’s passing is just our wake-up-call to nourish and love each other in a higher and harder way. Not just because they did right by us, but because we can do right by everyone else

Maya Angelou sat me down one day, and without ever knowing my name gave me permission to love every possible silly-jiggly-loving-peaceful-corruptible part of myself in ways no one before her had

I am so thankful for her work. She will live through the way I Love


Every human being is love unborn, hence the misery, the anguish. The seed cannot be contented as the seed. It wants to become a tree, it wants to play with the wind, it wants to rise to the sky–it is ambitious!

Each human being is born with a great ambition–the ambition to flower in love, to bloom in love. So I see each human being as a possibility, as a potentiality, as a promise. Something that has not happened has yet to happen, and unless it happens there can be no contentment, no peace; there will be agony, suffering, misery.

Only when you have come to a blooming where you feel that now you are fulfilled–now you have become that for which you were born, you have attained your destiny, now there is nothing left anymore–only when ambition completely disappears because it is fulfilled, is a person in bliss, never before.”


Why We Give Thanks

As we take moments to breathe and give thanks for that breath, for that sun, for the love we just made, it is important to remember Why.

Oftentimes, the Self-Helpy, New-Agey info being pushed encourages us to “give thanks” and “be grateful” as a means of setting a pathway toward our better paying jobs, hot boyfriends and private chefs. But there is so much more that we’re here for, and I don’t know if that is always being made clear. We’re always being handed the teeny tip of a very deep iceberg. We are not only here to “get stuff”.image

The purpose of giving thanks is for Alignment, for Resonance. It is a willingness to SPEAK and BE that from which you came, that to which you will return, and that that embodies all aspects of this existence. It is a call to say, “I AM the Peace and Love and BALANCE of god! The Grace of this Universe breathes life through ME! Every picture I paint and meal I cook is given to remind me and all who witness that I AM only here as a translator of the grace and love that sustains each bit of life in this realm.” It reminds you that you are not separate from the whore down the block or the molesters on your newsfeed. It reminds you that you are all things, beautiful and terrible, and because of that, you are worthy of and WILL HAVE the things you have called into your life to enjoy and share. Healthy body. Healthy finances. Healthy sex (yeaaahhh!!). Whatever you want. The answer is Yes.

Setting a timer and writing down the things you love about simply being alive is to remind you that you are already all that you will ever need to be. Right here. Right now. With your belly fat and your stupid husband, you are still and always will be a necessary and beautiful part of this existence. Outside of denying it (free will always), there is nothing you can do about it. Being grateful stops you from sitting there, talking yourself out of your greatness, your beauty, and the wonder that is your life.

Taking the time to say, “I love my bathtub, these jiggly hips that make men smile, this gap in my teeth, the sound of that baby laughing in Wal-Mart, how those birds sang for me today, how hard I came last night, how good that kiss felt, how puffy that cloud is…” will (momentarily at first) stop you from believing that your belly fat makes you unworthy, and reminds you that the fact that you exist at all means YOU ARE. ***It is our most natural state*** to be in awe of EVERY aspect of this life. The fact that you are not simply means you’ve forgotten, have been nudged away from Truth, from God, from Love. But don’t worry. It is the game being played on this plane. We come here to forget, then remember. It’s a fun thing, but until we are able to see what we’ve been given it all just seems screwed up.

Your 50s can be cents or millions, but if you are not joyful for your hand that holds the coin, the eye that sees the coin and your ability to share even the smallest things you possess (kind words, smiles, poetry, etc), the poverty you seek to escape will never leave your side. An impoverished spirit is the only true hell.

Give Thanks. Not because Oprah said so. Not because you want a new car. And not even for a new friend. Be thankful for the joy of living. Be thankful for the ability to reset, to re-calibrate, and trust that your ability to envision an outcome means that god has already put everything here to support you. Your gifts are not your own. Share them and know the Truth of what Abundance can be.

Thank You! I Love You! And I know this was long lol…
<3 Carro


Greetings of Warmth and Joy, Loved Ones!!


"If tomorrow is fixed, then there can be security, but you have no freedom. You are just like a robot. You have to fulfill certain things that are already predestined. But tomorrow is beautiful because you have total freedom. Nobody knows that is going to happen. Whether you will be breathing, whether you will be alive at all, nobody knows. Hence there is beauty because everything is a challenge, everything is in a chaos, and everything exists as a possibility.

Don’t ask for consolations. If you go on asking you will remain insecure. Accept insecurity and insecurity will disappear. This is not a paradox, it is a simple truth—paradoxical, but absolutely true. Up to now you have existed, so why worry about tomorrow? If you could exist today, if you could exist yesterday, tomorrow will take care of itself too.

Don’t think of the morrow, and move freely. A chaos at ease—that is how a person should be. When you carry a revolution within you, every moment brings a new world, a new life … every moment bringing a new birth.”